Special notice to all our valued clients and friends

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, associates and organizations that have supported and worked with us over the past 28 years.

Our previous site has been sold, with equipment and stock being stored until the company relocates to a new site for production of the Wasp and Termite range of brick making equipment mixers and associated items.

After relocation, upgraded facilities for brick and soil testing will again be available.

We are currently negotiating with several organizations considering the commercial production of earth bricks for sustainable housing and commercial buildings.

Note - Amcer are not currently involved in the production and sale of Pressed Earth Bricks or mortar following the downsizing.

This will allow more effort to be directed to research, product development and consulting and I look forward to contributing to the further growth of earth building in the future.

The down sized business structure has been changed due to economic impact as a result of flawed Government Policy in respect to the performance of Earth Buildings, and an ageing workforce

Emphasis will be on providing equipment that will enable community development projects in Australia and overseas using Australian technology, and supporting local manufactures.

We currently have Termite and Wasp brick plants available, in addition to a screening plant and discharge radial stacker conveyor powered by a Deutz diesel /hydraulic unit. Other items include Sassi Hammer mill on stand with 50 hp electric and transformer start and a 9 bag dust collector

Our email is

Please contact Rob Freeland for all equipment requirements 0409-714-849